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I love working with people one on one. I am happy to take you to Cuba ( ohhhh that’s a good idea!) You can come see me in New York, or we can work remotely.  Remote and local work generally will have a focus on technical abilities as well as editing. If you have traveled with me and would like to do a deep dive edit and critique this is a great way to solidify and organize what you have learned. 

As of 2023 I have started taking private trips to Cuba. It can be one on one or a intimate trip for friends and family. It can be driven by photography or simply an interest in Cuba. Maybe not everyone in the group is as interested in having photography being the primary focus, that’s fine. We will curate a trip that works for you. I have a great team of people in Havana that I work with and the sky’s the limit. 

“I have had the privilege of working with Adria in Boulder, Colorado on a one-on-one basis.  Adria is unique in that she is extremely talented and gifted as a teacher.  She is down to earth, engaging, very positive and knowledgeable.   She was quick to learn my strengths and weaknesses as a iPhone photographer.   I am very uneducated in technology in general and apps more specifically.  Her teaching is experiential.  She explained how each app worked, what it is best used for, and then let me use it.   I came away with applications I could use immediately.  The sessions with Adria were not only productive, but also fun and creative.  I look forward to working with Adria in the future.”   Coe London, Boulder, Colorado 2019