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Immersive slow travel photography tours of Havana Cuba

Is Cuba on your bucket list ?

Are you looking to take better photographs, craving a more authentic, immersive travel experience? Well look no further! This is HAVANA NOW! We will be traveling in a group of 6 or less. The streets of Havana, the people, the cars, and the architecture will touch all of your senses and inspire your creativity. These streets will be our classroom. You will learn about light, exposure, focus, depth of field and image quality. Classes are filling quickly, so don’t wait. Havana won’t!

Going Cuba with Adria is nothing like going to class, rather you are somewhere with a dear friend that just happens to know the people, places and things all around you. Her teaching feels like you are being let in on something so accessible and useful, you wonder and wish you'd known it on the last five trips you've taken. The learning done isn't just about your phone either. It's about Cuba, Cubans and as a result yourself. Just go.

Peter F.

Cuban people are in her heart, Adria makes it easy to engage with los Cubans in the most extraordineray ways. Not only did I learn a lot about iphoneography, but I learned to see in a bigger and better way.

Ginger O



I can say with absolute conviction that every time I goto Cuba these days it’s different. The currency changes significantly, the availability of food and fuel is in constant flux and Cubans are fleeing the country at a rate never seen in History. I have no idea how long the Cuba we know today will last. I have been 6 times in the last year and every time I’m there I find myself realizing another part of the Cuban culture and experience has started to fade. It’s an incredibly unique time in history and if seeing and understanding Cuba is something that interests you, than now is the time.

Havana won’t wait.  

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