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October 30th – November 5th, 2023.
January 25th – February 1st, 2024.
March 8th – 14th, 2024.
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MARCH 2024
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Master Your iPhone

You will learn to manually control the focus, depth of field, exposure, and file size. We will shoot RAW files, TIFF files, as well as learn the difference between them. Understanding the importance between digital and optical zooms will ensure image quality, and learning to select the aspect ratio will provide more creative control.  You will master the use of the Portrait Mode  function, Time Lapse, as well as the Slow Mo and Live options. 

If this list comes as a surprise to you you’re not alone. Most of these things are associated with a “real camera”.  Trust me, your iPhone is REAL!

Once you are more comfortable with the controls there will be attention given to street photography techniques, portraiture, lighting, and composition. 

The streets of Havana will be our classroom and this will be the beginning of your introduction to slow travel. The key to success here is patience and presence. Learning to integrate these qualities into your photography will result in a deeper understanding of photography as well as the Cuban culture. A beautiful combination which will result in rich memorable photographs. 

Slow Travel

Noelle and Mark had an interest in photography but they were unsure about it being the sole focus of their trip. I’m not going say that this type of trip will work for everyone but I can say it worked for Mark and Noelle. They learned that by having photography as a focus it requires you to slow down and absorb your surroundings a bit more. You learn so much by standing on a corner waiting for THE SHOT with THE LIGHT. You learn about how people interact within a city, a community and an environment. For most this is the undefined trait missing from travel. You become a witness, and as Noelle has shared, “it can be a transformative experience”. I can say from experience the transformation usually surprises people. Looking for transformation? Is Havana on your mind? Let me know if it is, I’ll host your week in Havana.

I offer private and family trips, if that’s something that interests you let me know. 

All of the details

Sit back, relax, and let me be your guide. You’ll be in charge of your plane ticket to Havana, but once you land in Cuba most of the expenses are on me. We stay in a beautifully remodeled Colonial Casa. Everyone will have there own bedroom and bathroom – there’s is a small fridge in the room, A/C,  and hot water. Six nights accommodations are included, as well as dinner every night. Some mornings we will have coffee and a light breakfast in the hotel, and others days we may be out early and eat later. Food during the day, mojitos, cigars, and memorabilia is on you 🙂 There will be a day trip to Vinales included, and all transportation in Havana is included. I am continually meeting new people and coming across new experiences so every trip is a little bit different. Once our group is formed I like to chat with everyone individually to see what unique experiences they may be interested in. 

  • $3000 USD includes 
  • 7 Days in Cuba.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Single Occupancy, private room & bath. Hot water & A/C.
  • 6 Dinners. 
  • All local transportation and experiences. 
  • Excursions / Day Trips.

Let me know if you have any questions ...


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