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Havana Immersion Tour

A city rich in history

We begin in Havana, a City rich in history, texture, color, and charm. Life has unfolded at a slower pace for over 50 years, leaving its mark across every aspect of society. The beauty of the decaying streets will take your breath away, while the warmth of the Cuban people will touch your heart. In Cuba life is often a struggle, food can be scarce and sourcing most of our normal Western conveniences nears impossible. Attempting to unravel its complexities proves futile not only to the Western mind but truthfully, to a Cuban’s as well.

Discover the true Havana on the streets

Your introduction into Cuban Culture will begin on its vibrant streets, where the nation’s pulse beats strongest. Our initial days will include history and architectural tours through the narrow streets of Habana Vieja, along with lively market excursions in Centro Habana.  We’ll ramble throughout the day, moving at a leisurely pace, pausing to observe games of dominos and perhaps learning the art of fishing with nothing more than a line and hook. Kids are playing marbles on the streets, music is in the air and there’s a total lack of Western influence. Slow travel is the key to truly enjoying and understanding life in Cuba. As we delve into Havana’s clandestine underbelly, you’ll begin to truly feel the magic and the heartache of this storied city.

A culinary education awaits

Havana’s culinary scene has undergone a recent renaissance, offering a modern fusion of traditional flavors and contemporary flair. (You will be surprised to learn how they are pulling this off.) Our dinners will unfold in charming rooftop decks, historic buildings, and surprisingly sophisticated European-style restaurants. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the intricacies of local food production, shopping, ration books, and the ongoing struggle to keep fridges stocked. Should you choose, you can participate in meal preparation; however, if that’s not your style, worry not—we always have Mojitos at the ready. 

What is Havana Now ?

Throughout the week we will visit small local entrepreneurs, get a taste for modern Cuban fashion, spend time with a historically famous photographer, and debate Hemingways favorite Daiquiri and Mojito. We will listen to live music, stroll the Malecón at sunset, and for the gentlemen maybe even  a haircut or shave. We will visit Fabrica De Arte – the true social, music, art and cultural hub of Havana. (Listed by Time Magazine as a Top 100 places in the World to visit.) The government run Tobacco factories are amazing to see and we will take a day trip to The Vinales Valley. Here we will have a Farm To Table meal, enjoy the country side and learn to roll Cigars. 

Friends and Family is the vibe

Our group will be limited to 6 in order to maintain a friends and family vibe. We will be staying at a fully restored 1920’s Colonial Boutique Hotel where every room is uniquely, designed and furnished by local artisans and antiques. Every guest will have there own room and bathroom. Breakfast will feature locally sourced ingredients and be served on the roof top deck. Once you arrive in Havana you can sit back and relax. Your room, all transportation, activities, and food are on me. Our days will feel full but we will move at a leisurely pace, we are on an island after all. The group will be small enough that if there’s something special or unique that interests you I’ll do my best to make it happen. 

The details

  • 6 nights accommodations.
  • All meals.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Daily transportation.
  • Daily activities. 
  • Any entrance fees. 
  • Total $6500

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The Immersion tour can be curated for a private group or individual. Let me know how many  and what your interests are, I’ll take care of the rest.