For the last 50 years Cuba has been seen as the forbidden fruit for most U.S. photographers. I have spent 6 weeks in Cuba over the last two years and can honestly say it has won my heart. For starters, we’re neighbors ! Presently you can fly directly to Cuba from several cities in the U.S. and Canada, Visa’s are easy to obtain, and the locals are happy to have us.  Personally when it comes to Cuba I feel a sense of urgency. The richness of history, the visual stimulation and, the beauty that is Cuba is a photographers dream. However, change is in the air. I feel that the things that I see as the most special and most interesting could be gone in my life time. I am committed to documenting as much as I can, I believe it’s a very important time in Cuba. As of this day, August 2, 2017 nothing has changed regarding our ability to visit Cuba.


 The most important thing is that we will be traveling in a small group. There will be no more than seven us, thats including me. Second on the list is inspiration. The streets of Cuba, the people, the cars, and the architecture will fill every single cell and touch all of your senses. I can shoot from sun up to sun down and never tire of the beauty that is Cuba. When your on a creative adventure and seeking authenticity you just can’t plan everything. I find that the most interesting things happen when I least expect it, and when I just allow my senses to take over. Everyone is going to have different levels of resilience, and different ideas of what a day of shooting looks like. There will be schedules for each day and different meeting points. If there is ever a time when you would rather be doing something different than the group, thats no problem. My goal is to provide  everyone with an opportunity to experience Cuba in a way that speaks to them. I strive for this to feel like a creative adventure with a group of friends.


~ Price includes

  • 6 nights at hotel Animas 303.
  • Airport pick-up and drop off.
  • 6 breakfasts, 6 dinners. (These will be with the group, if you are off on your own it’s on you.)
  • All other transportation. (taxi’s vintage cars, coco taxi’s, road trips)

~ We will be staying at

Animas 303. I have stayed there 3 times now and can’t imagine being anywhere else. Animas opened in the Spring of 2017, it’s an old colonial building that has been updated and turned into a small boutique hotel.  I chose Animas because of the people, the cleanliness, the modern amenities, and the location. P.S.  Modern amenities in Cuba do not include WIFI or phones.

~ Havana is a 100% third world communist country. 

  • Most importantly this means there are NO ATM machines, and NO ONE excepts U.S. credit cards.
  • There is WIFI at the larger hotels, not in our hotel. It usually works, it’s usually slow, and sometimes fast.
  • $50 USD a day should be more that sufficient.
  • I have an iPhone 7+ and use AT&T, I had zero cell service. The WIFI is usually fast enough to make calls.


Vinnalles is an agricultural area about three and half hours from Havana. The tobacco crops, the tropical valley, and the green are a welcome change to the senses after a few days in Havana. For me the biggest goal in going on this road trip is discovery. I like to be able to pull off the side of the road when we see farmers in the fields, if the light is falling across a field and barn then I want to get out and walk around. This is one of my favorite aspects of traveling and an aspect I’m always excited to share. The town of Vinnalles is lovely. We’ll go for a short hike across the valley floor and eat at my favorite place for lunch. There will be just enough time to walk around town a bit and we’ll head back early enough to catch the light on the drive home. This is by far our longest day, dawn to dusk !